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Compliance Managed Services (CMS) Online portal

We can offer you so much more than just Driver Licence Checking Service!

Driver Licence Checking Service

The online portal proactively keeps tabs on a company’s fleet of drivers, highlighting any potential risks or non-compliance issues.

Working in partnership with an authorised DVLA licence validation organisation we are also able to obtain information from DVANI. We therefore deliver licence checks against current agency records across both of the UK’s licence agencies quickly and accurately.

Why do I need to check my drivers’ licences?

The legal minimum requirement in the UK is for the driver of a vehicle to hold a full and valid driving licence for that vehicle category. If this driver is an employee and driving on company time, for business purposes, you as the employer have a duty of care to ensure that the employee acts within the law.

This means having a robust procedure and audit trail when it comes to driver licence checks.

There are a range of legislative acts that cover the need for checking your drivers’ This duty of care extends not only to your full and part time staff, but temporary drivers and contractors that you may use. It covers all vehicles driven, including heavy goods vehicles, vans and cars (even if the car is their own, but driven for business purposes, on company time). licences which include the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Corporate Manslaughter Act and the Road Traffic Act 1988. Failing to comply with these laws can lead to fines, or in the worst case, the loss of your operator licence and even imprisonment.

Employee Audit - Driving at Work

All companies have a responsibility to ensure, as far as is reasonably practical, that the health, safety and welfare of employees is looked after in the workplace.

A company must ensure that others are not put at risk by the work activities of their employees. Under health and safety guidelines an employer, has a Duty of Care for all their Drivers and the general public to ensure “work related road safety” obligations

Owner Driver Management

Why do I need these checks?

Are you fully aware of your Owner Drivers (grey fleet) and the risk it poses, if not effectively managed? If any of your employees drive their own vehicles for business use, it is you the employer, who has a duty of care under health and safety regulation.

It is against the law to ‘cause or permit’ a person to drive a vehicle that may be in a dangerous condition, or without a valid licence or third party insurance.

How does Owner Driver Management help?

Owner Driver Management covers your risk and keeps you compliant with your obligations by ensuring appropriate checks on the insurance, MOT and roadworthiness of the vehicle are carried out. The service is accessed via our interactive CMS online portal, therefore alerts can easily be set up ahead of document, MOT and tax expiry dates.

Risk Excellence Driver Assessment

Why should I have these?

Drivers pose a serious risk. You rely on your drivers to act in the best interest of your business, to drive safely, to avoid accidents and to ensure that they comply with the law. Drivers also have an impact on the efficiency of your operation through fuel usage and safe driving techniques.

Having the ability to ‘Risk Profile’ your drivers, puts you in a position to decide which driver would benefit from further training or corrective education, therefore leading to risk reduction, safer drivers and fewer accidents.

How do these Risk Excellence Assessments work?

Risk Excellence Assessments can either be set up for all of your drivers on a frequency to suit you, or they can be triggered by our CMS online portal. If you go for the latter option, you have the ability to set parameters such as when a driver reaches a certain number of penalty points, which can trigger an automatic online assessment to be sent to your driver. Alerts for other line managers can also be automatically triggered at the same time.

The assessments cover three main themes:

  • Knowledge – questions are extracted from the Highway Code
  • Attitude – drivers are asked to consider their driving
  • Skills – hazard awareness and reflection

Your drivers will automatically receive compulsory e-learning modules where applicable. In addition alerts and actions can be created for further classroom or in-cab/car training.

Each risk assessment login per driver lasts for one year, together with the e-learning modules. This means you can reassess or re assign non-compulsory e-learning free of charge within that time period.

Permit to Drive

‘Permit to Drive’ is a newly developed CMS service that allows customers to define their own risk based criteria, ensuring that mandatory driving requirements are met by all employees.

The ‘Permit to Drive’ service comes at no extra cost and is an auditable and intuitive layer of management information, assisting fleet operators to ensure they are fulfilling their duty of care responsibilities.

Drivers are notified once they are granted a ‘Permit to Drive’, as well as if the permit is revoked.

System users will see the notification alerts via the CMS dashboard, highlighting whether or not employees are compliant with company policy.

Right to Work Checks

Why do I need these checks?

As an employer, you have a duty under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 to ensure that your employees have a right to work in the UK before you employ them.

Failure to comply with this legislation will leave you liable to paying heavy fines. If you ensure these document checks are carried out effectively you will have a legal excuse, known as a statutory excuse, against payment of a fine.

Our Right to Work service verifies the authenticity of identification documents and confirms that an individual is legally allowed to undertake the work in the UK that you will be asking of them. These checks must be undertaken prior to employing the individual.

The service is available as a stand-alone service or in addition to Driver Licence Checking.

If you would like to discuss the cost and benefits of our service please contact a member of our team on 01925 243500

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Complaints Procedures

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